Can you rejoice in Me?

Lying in bed, earlier than I want it to be.
The sound of children’s voices when I want quiet.
Grumbles rise to the surface, discontentment chafing.
If only I had a bigger house, quieter children…

Recognising the path my thoughts are taking, reining them in,
Offering thankfulness for this house, these children, this life.
And then His whisper in my mind:

“Can you rejoice in Me?”

Not just thanking Him for His blessings,
But basking in His presence,
Opening my heart to the rays of His love,
Looking past the changing circumstances, good or ill,
And seeing the One who never alters.

I will rejoice in You!

Praise the Creator


Praise the Creator–

the One who made in intricate detail

each petal, each speck of life that lives and

moves on this blue-green ball.

The tiniest spider – a dot with legs – and

the farthest-flung star, spinning through space,

came from your hand.

Praise the Sustainer–

as all things change and grow old

you are the same.

Our life is a breath, our pride a shadow,

but you remain.