Unless You Become as Little Children…

I would like to share this post from a blog that is very special to me. Three and a half years ago God used this blog to help me to find freedom and peace, to know that I am under grace, not under law, and that Jesus is enough.


I really believe the human default (for adults that is) is law and legalism. I am not sure we are born with it, but society operates on this paradigm so it’s drilled into us at a very early age. Even if you don’t grow up in a legalistic religion, classmates and teachers both will make sure you understand the ground rules of success both socially and academically. How far back can we trace our fear of failure and rejection? Maybe parents were critical and you felt you must achieve something to gain their love. I am starting to see behavior-based religion as a secondary element that we choose because it flows with the worldview we already have. All the world religions I know of fall well into this same paradigm.

The problem isn’t that the law framework is false. Reaping and sowing are obvious – and even Jesus talked about…

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3 thoughts on “Unless You Become as Little Children…

  1. Thank you for sharing this. Very meaningful. I visited the blog and read other posts as well. Have a lot in common! BTW, I thought of you when I posted a link today to a message that meant a lot to me. I think you may resonate with it as I did if you get a chance to check it out.

    • Hi Paula, I did listen to the message. Thank you for sharing it. It made a lot of sense and I’m very thankful for God’s grace. Somehow following rules still seems attractive at times, and I continue to measure myself by others’ expectations or my own, being a people pleaser or impresser. Learning to look to Him alone!

      • Amen, sister! You are a blessing! I struggle with the same stuff, which is probably part of the reason that link on my blog meant so much to me. Linking arms with you as we learn “to look to Him alone!” (As you said.) Hugs!

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