6 thoughts on “Ectopic

  1. I too have gone through this ordeal, this loss; so hard to express, even grasp, by ourselves and most surely others. The loss comes so early, so soon after learning of that life, if at all. It’s a sudden surge up then down inside us, leaving us bewildered in mind and torn in spirit. The only one who truly knows the intimacy of life inside, the sudden surge of love from before the beginning, is our Father. I pray He holds your heart tenderly close.

  2. Yes, in some ways it is harder because I have other children and can see the unique value of each one, and wanted to know this baby too. To miscarry brings Heaven closer.

  3. My heart ached at this one, Jo. Then it leapt into my throat. I had planned to have a child named Shiloh. My birthday is on October 29th. The connection I already felt with your poem went deeper. I’m truly sorry for the loss.

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